My new desk!

Did all of you in the Netherlands enjoy the great weather last weekend? I hope you did, I spent most of my Sunday indoor working on the assembly of Smart Jacket mock-ups. I can’t share any pictures yet, but I think they look great! A special word of thanks go to my mom and Leslie for helping me. Without them, I would have needed to pull an all-nighter to get them done in time. Also a big thanks to Yaël for taking care of the kids and cooking a great Indian meal on Saturday!

IMG_5408As you can already tell from some of the hints in the pictures, I have been able to secure a desk at the High Tech Campus. I am really enthusiastic about this! 🙂 As from today I will work a couple of days per week from one of the flex desks  at the office of the HTC Campus Management. This floor, located above the gym of the HTC, is also the workplace where a lot of start-up acceleration is happening.


Last week I visited all three locations I mentioned in my previous blog, being Strijp-S, the incubator in the hospital (MMC) and the High Tech Campus. I had a great conversation at the HTC with two men working for the HighTechXL team. They have a lot of experience in accelerating start-ups and connecting them to good people, advisors, investors, etc. Luckily they were as excited about me and the Smart Jacket as I was about them. So they offered me a place to work from (free of charge!) for the next couple of weeks. Working here will have a lot of advantages:

  1. I will be close to a lot of innovative tech companies here at HTC. Interacting with  them can bring new ideas, technology partners, associates.
  2. There are a lot of people working once in a while from this specific office space that are good for our network.
  3. I won’t distract my wife and kids anymore, so their lives can get back to normal again! 🙂


The pace here at HTC is very fast. I arrived here this morning around 9:15 and was welcomed very friendly by the people working here. I received a form to fill out for my badge and received an e-mail at 11:05 that I was able to pick up my badge. And therefore I am now the proud owner of a badge that gives me access to this office Mo-Fri between 6:30 and 20:30!

I look forward to meeting a lot of new people here and building my network in the tech and start-up world. Perhaps I will run into the electrical engineer that we are looking for to develop the technical part of the Smart Jacket!

The key objective for the next week is to prepare the 3-minute pitch for Thursday next week. That pitch is an important event in securing one of the ten spots available in the HighTechXL Accelerator program. This program can help accelerate our business in a short period of time. In a three month period, we will get a lot of support in developing our product, finding funding for our business, building our brand story, etc. etc.


The only key requirement missing is the other two people who will join the team and work with me from May until July to accelerate this business. The profile I am looking for is high energy level, great communicator, interested in MedTech. With respect to functional expertise I am looking for one marketing person and one electrical engineer (preferably experience in MedTech). If you are or know any good candidates please drop me a note.

Have a great week!


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