Who wants to be our CTO?

Welcome back!

Intro movie with “True Detective” theme song in the background

It has been an intense couple of weeks. On Monday May 9th we started our adventure at High Tech Campus, after having won a ticket to the accelerator program.

Some of you thought we already won our first prize, but I must say I have won a prize that came with so many strings attached! 🙂




My home for the next 4 months!

The next 4 months we will be supported in giving our businesses a big boost. A group of mentors from different backgrounds will help us in different areas of the business (such as Team Development / Supply Chain/ Technology) and we will get a lot of workshops and trainings on a wide variety of topics.


And while all of you are hopefully enjoying your well-deserved weekends, I am almost at
the end of Day 1 of a full-weekend Hackathon at the High Tech Campus.

To be honest, I never heard of the word hackathon before, but the way we do it here at HTC is spending a full weekend with a group of students from different universities to do Market Research.

The great team for this weekend!

In my team I have a Evgeny, a Russian MBA student at TIAS and Jasmine, an American business student at Fontys. They are spending their weekends to help me get more information on amongst others the global market for patient monitors and possible competing products using similar technologies as we are using.


Isn’t it nice of them to spend their weekends helping me? I sure think so!


As you can imagine, our meal during the hackathon is the meal you would expect at a name with this event:

And the number 1 priority for now is finding a CTO (Chief Technology Officer), who wants to become the co-founder of Bambi Belt, the first subsidiary of Bambi Medical.

This is what I am looking for:

The CTO should be a strong communicator with an entrepreneurial spirit, who should be able to:

  • Find or develop the best technique for the electronics in the Bambi Belt disposable (amongst others printed circuits, printed electronics, connection to transmitter).
  • Analyze current related patents and propose IP strategy for the Bambi Belt
  • Keep our technology partners honest in their developments, challenging them on technology where needed, keep timelines aligned to our development timeline
  • Set up quality system for the development of the Bambi Belt disposable to facilitate CE, UL and FDA-approval
  • Design tests for comparing different technologies and textiles to be used in Bambi Belt disposable
  • Manage process of interface development (mainly software) for patient monitor

If you know a good candidate, let me know!

Enjoy the rest of your weekends, and talk soon!


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