We have doubled the team! :-) (And yes, one of them is our CTO)

Hi all, welcome back!

I know it’s been a while, and therefore I have quite a lot to share. First of all, we are working hard on the content for our company newsletter. The newsletter will keep you up to date with all the developments at Bambi Medical.

Most of my readers here on this blog will already be on the distribution list, but I will let you know in a later post how to subscribe for our newsletter if you’re not already on the list.

In terms of team, we have made a lot of progress. I started the accelerator program at High Tech Campus together with Malar on May 9th, and since then Tamara and Martijn have joined as well. So the team has grown to four people already (even five including my father who is doing a lot of important work behind the scenes!)

More on the people working together on the Bambi-Belt will follow in our newsletter.

On the business side we have now talked to four of the ten potential customers in the Netherlands. They are all excited about the development of the Bambi-Belt and we are getting a lot of support from the hospitals. This goes from great feedback on the product itself that we are using in our development to commitment of participating in validation studies and clinical trials.

Also in terms of product, progress has been made. Having our CTO on board now, will really drive product development over the next weeks. And we have also found a new partner that we believe will accelerate our product development. I cannot mention anything more at this time, but watch this space.

As a last point for now, we are happy with the nomination for the Accenture Innovation Awards. It is the tenth edition this year and it would be great if we could win!

And you can help us here! It will take you less than 5 minutes and it means a lot to us!

Please follow these steps:

1. Go to: https://innovation-awards.nl/concept/bambi-belt/
2. Click “Stem met Facebook” (Vote with Facebook)
3. Authorize the app to connect to your Facebook page (nothing is posted on your wall!)
4. You’re already done and can now choose to share your vote on your wall. In this way people can see you voted for us.

Repeat steps 1-4 for Twitter and Linkedin. You can vote three times if you have all social media accounts.

Stay posted for more news!
Accenture Innovation Award picture



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