Rollercoaster ride

Hey guys,

Welcome back to my blog!

The month of July has flown by and we are now less than two months away from our presentation at XL day. On September 22nd we will present the story of Bambi-Belt to an audience of about 1,000 people. The main objective of this day obviously is to gather a larger crowd of enthusiastic people around us who will help get the Bambi-Belt into the hospital.

Yesterday my wife and her mom spent some mother-daughter quality time in Maastricht, andtherefore I stayed home to look after the kids. It was great! The kids behaved well for most of the time; only our youngest Olivia was crying at 20:30,because Aimée and Thijmen made too much noise going to bed and wanting to stay awake until their mom and grandma would return. It was a lot of fun to play games with them and hear all the great remarks they made! They even entertained for an hour or so non-stop in some kind of role-playing game involving a birthday party and a lot of cake.

Requires a lot of concentration!
Learning to eat pasta the Italian way…







So this different environment from my normal working environment gave me the opportunity to reflect. And that was good!

Start-up life can be really good! But it can also really suck! For those of you that don’t know me, I am emotionally very stable and think my resilience has been quite high over the past years.

When I decided to quit my job at Mars and set-up my own company together with my dad, I knew start-up life would have an impact. But I guess living the life is different from the mind experiments you play before actually taking the step!

If I look back rationally to what happened over the last couple of months, I am really proud of what we have achieved! The probability of actually introducing the Bambi-Belt in hospitals in 2018 has increased a lot from all the work we have been doing over the last couple of months. I am excited about the group of people we have been able to bring together to realize our dream. Hearing them talk about the Bambi-Belt and hearing the same excitement and passion that my father and I have for what we are doing is amazing!

And at the same time, I hadn’t expected the journey to be such an emotional rollercoaster. I can’t remember having ever felt so good and bad on one and the same day! Even though in general things are moving in the right direction, negative thoughts come up once in a while. “Can we really do this?”, “Why was this nurse not as enthusiastic as the previous seven I spoke to?”

I have been comforted by friends of mine, that these negative feelings and doubts are still appearing in minds of entrepreneurs that are running much more mature companies than ours.

And I guess the way for me to deal with these feelings and sensations is to continue to do my best in pushing developments forward in the right direction. Developing the team, strengthening partnerships and learning from the feedback of our customers.

And these are all things I enjoy doing a lot! So let’s get back to it!

Hope you have a great week!





One thought on “Rollercoaster ride

  1. Great post Fabio 🙂 Hang on there and as you said its a rollercoster but with your strong committment success is not that far..


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