It’s a beautiful day!

And not only because the sun was shining all day today…

Today we had our first test with one of the three potential hardware providers for the Bambi-Belt, DEMCON. And it was a great success!

Claudia and Martijn learning from Leo about the way their system works

I am so proud of Martijn and Claudia, who have been able to make an adult-size version of the Bambi-Belt in a very short period of time. And this belt worked seamlessly with DEMCON’s Dipha.

Early this morning Martijn, Claudia and I drove to Roden to meet with Jurryt and Leo. These guys have designed a very nice piece of hardware which is able to wirelessly send an ECG signal to a computer.

I was the first one to try on the belt that Martijn and Claudia made over the last week, and we immediately saw a signal on the pc. A nice ECG signal was showing on the screen which looked very clean and with almost no distortions.


We then put a belt on Martijn and did some more testing, and it all worked without any hick-ups or issues.

Martijn with belt
Martijn wearing the Bambi-Belt which is connected to the Dipha. The signal is sent wirelessly to the computer.

As you can imagine we left Roden feeling really good!

Next test will be tomorrow at Nemo Healthcare. Hopefully the results will be as good as today!



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