XL day was really big!

Did you ever give a presentation to a group of 1,000 people? Until last Thursday my answer would also have been “no”, but I did last Thursday in the “Klokgebouw” in Eindhoven. This was the venue of our “graduation day” of the HighTechXL accelerator. I must admit I did feel a bit nervous before going on stage, but once I was on there it was great! Over the last two weeks we have worked hard to memorize the storyline and I think I managed to say most of the sentences exactly as planned.

I am so extremely proud of the team! Both what they did over the last month, and how they engaged with all the visitors at our stand last Thursday. Really impressive! Next week we will start following up on all the leads that came out of the conversations we had at our booth.

Our booth after it was built up last Wednesday evening. The team didn’t have time to take pictures on Thursday as they were talking to visitors of our booth

We started four and a half months ago in the 9th of May, and I find it hard to believe where we are now with Bambi Medical and the Bambi-Belt. We have a great group of talented and engaged individuals working with us to bring the Bambi-Belt to live. In addition to our own team we are supported by an amazing team of very experienced professionals

We have signed up almost all Dutch hospitals with an IC unit for pre-term babies to work with us both in clinical trials AND buying the Bambi-Belt once it is on the market.

We are working with two amazing partners Holst Centre and DEMCON, because we know that we cannot do everything ourselves. The collaboration with them will speed up our product development.

And last, but certainly not least, our campaign on Leapfunder to raise EUR 500,000 is going really well. We went live on Wednesday evening and have already raised over half the amount that we are looking for!!

I am aware of all the challenges we still have ahead in finding the right suppliers, distribution partners, engaging hospitals outside of the Netherlands, further building and strengthening the team…

But today is the last day of a week of celebrations, where I am also celebrating my 37th birthday! 🙂 So I will just enjoy all the good things today, and start worrying about the future again tomorrow! 😉

Enjoy the Indian Summer!



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