What do you want to earn?

dsc01650Seven and a half months ago I quit my job as Supply Finance Manager at Mars to develop the Bambi-Belt and make sure that wireless monitoring of early born babies will become the new standard.
The Bambi-Belt is based on the Smart Jacket, a device  invented by my father Sidarto, who is a pediatrician with over 35 years of experience treating babies in hospitals. He developed the Smart Jacket with students at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

A lot has happened over the last months as all of you that followed us via this blog or social media have seen and read. Some of the highlights are:

And another highlight that I want to share is last Thursday’s team meeting.

Having team meetings is probably standard in the ways of working for all of you that collaborate in one or multiple teams. I have had the same experience, both working at Deloitte and Mars.

But this team meeting was different….

The Bambi Team supported by our “HR coach” Jacobien Kamp. From left to right: Jacobien, Emmie, Sidarto, Caty, Fabio, Claudia (Tamara took the picture)

And the reason why it was different was not that both my parents were there (they are both part of the team now, so obviously they were there)…

The thing that was different and made it exciting, engaging and a bit scary was the fact that we were openly talking about the salaries of the team members. Having each person in the team propose his or her own salary is one of the elements that Frédéric Laloux describes in his book “reinventing organizations“. I know… we are not reinventing our organization, we are starting a new one. But still, it would be great to have an organization that is about:

  • Taming the ego
  • Using inner rightness as a compass
  • Yearning for wholeness

We have taken step one and I am super proud!

It was obviously a bit awkward to begin with, but it was a great bonding experience to hear from all the team members how they came to their salary proposals. It helps a lot in getting to know each other better and understanding individual drivers that people have. And it is much more fun than me trying to decide what would be the right salaries for all the different roles we have in our company.

Thank you team, for being open and trusting the process! Thank you Jacobien for the great facilitation!

Have a great week!




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